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Checked Out In Jersey

Absurd because life is absurd. In your car, on the train or at your desk at work while you're supposed to be doing something else, Checked Out will help you escape the every day and can be found on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, TuneIn Radio, iHeart Radio, the LibSyn App and Playapod.


Jun 1, 2017

LIVE! From the Big Box of Magic Studios!

Craig Thiessen is an up and coming filmmaker from right here in our own backyard, Sussex County, NJ. For his senior thesis he had to make a short film. It should have run about 10 minutes long but Craig was so inspired that he made it a tad longer and it is good! Check it out:

Plus, Rodney flies solo to talk about last week's film, "Don't Think Twice", Matt dressed as a fat nun in the Jim Morrison role of his feature-length parody of Oliver Stone's "The Doors", and Pete thinks Jesus said "and the raped shall inherit the earth." 

And more!

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