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Jul 31, 2015

R&B Singer, Marquis Allen, sits in with the boys to discuss Cosby and Trump. 


What can we say about Bill Cosby that hasn't already been said? Having grown up in the 80's and knowing Bill as "Doctor Huxtable", it is difficult to believe all of the allegations leveled against him within the last year. But, as "Newman" said in Oliver Stone's "JFK", "There's a lot of smoke there, but some fire." And it seems the winds are changing direction and blowing more of that smoke away, revealing just how big and hot those flames really are. (We don't mean rape is hot. We mean, the heat is on the man.) Still, with all the horror and creepiness of these stories, the boys manage to make fun of it and attempt their best Cosby impersonations. Of course, they fail miserably. 


Donald Trump is winning fans Left and Right. While many don't agree with his politics (what little we know of them at this point) many of those same people find his big brass ones and frankness to be a breath of fresh air in a world filled with halitosis. That was weak. Whatevs, as the kids say these days. Anyway, Governor Christie's Belly flopped down in the chair for his first appearance as the show's official political analyst. Unfortunately, most of the conversation was spent with Matt trying to get him back on the subject of poilitics, rather than his favorite subject of food. Still, somehow, gold appeared when the Belly joined Marquis Allen in an impromptu, food-based rendition of Marquis's hit, "Making Love".  That's right, ladies, Marquis actually sings on this one!


We just want to take this opportunity to thank Marquis for being a loyal friend to the show and coming on and being a good sport with us. He's really raised the bar for what a great guest should be. 




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"Making Love", by Marquis Allen and Demetrius Henry, Used with permission