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Checked Out In Jersey

Absurd because life is absurd. In your car, on the train or at your desk at work while you're supposed to be doing something else, Checked Out will help you escape the every day and can be found on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, TuneIn Radio, iHeart Radio, the LibSyn App and Playapod.


Aug 31, 2015

Tonight. On a very special "Checked Out":

You don't want to miss this episode. If you usually listen to the show as background noise, DON'T DO IT on this episode, because we need your input. 


For our loyal listeners who joined us back in the Inside Radio days, you will remember our former producer, Trippy Trev. If...

Aug 28, 2015

This is a rare one-topic episode, which covers many facets of said topic. While we tried to make it a shorter show, it ends up being a typical hour show. So, rest assured, you will get your fill of Checked Out. 


Are you one of the devoted who follow the preachings of the pious Josh Duggar, of 19 Kids and...

Aug 24, 2015

Any loyal listener has heard the odd messages we get from a listener that we call "Bing-Bingo Nations". We're sure many of you have wondered who the hell she is and what the hell is the deal with her disjointed, broken-English-laden messages to us and why we find them so funny. Any loyal listener would also remember...

Aug 20, 2015

This is Jason Patrick's final episode before Pete returns. But don't fret, Jason will be back.


In this episode Jimmy shares the news that Spin Doctors singer, Chris Barron, followed him. This gets the boys waxing nostalgic about their youth and how Pocket Full of Kryptonite was the soundtrack to their Freshman year...

Aug 17, 2015

Well this episode is chock full of discussion. As the Czig Meister was passed between the boys, Matt, fill-in co-host, Jason Patrick and Jimmy the I-talian settled down for some deep discussions. 


Jason starts us off with his story of getting whipped with a BBC at Gunnison Beach, Sandy Hook, NJ, while innocently...